miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012


I can't wait to put this shoes for first time! I really wanted this Lita Shoes since a lot of time ago, so I had to wait to get some money and then... enjoy baby! At first my mother didn't like this kind of shoes, she said me they look a Lady Gaga's shoes or something like this, but then she saw me with them and her opinion was totally changed, and of course it was so difficult to convince her... but she promised me I could get them and she would help me, so... gorgeous! haha I also bought some cool nail lacquer and a bikini from Hollister Co. place where I'm working and I'm so happy with them :) of course this shoes are soooo confort, even to go in your diary days.
Nothing more special for today! 

sábado, 21 de abril de 2012

Learning some dutch! ;)

After a tiring morning working, here comes an afternoon of relax. I started to look for some things in dutch, to practise and learn. I'm also doing some homework and then, if my boyfriend comes at 18 more less, we'll Skype.

Después de una cansada mañana trabajando, aquí llega una tarde de relax. Empecé a mirar cosas en holandés, para practicar y aprender. También estoy haciendo deberes y luego, si mi novio se conecta a las séis más o menos, haremos Skype. 

lunes, 16 de abril de 2012


OMG I don't want to go to school... it's incredible. After a tiring day in France they say us we need to go to school... fuck them. 
While, I will sleep in class :) 
Good morning everyone!

(Well, I say 'Good' for say something)


domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

15 Mayo 2012

 Yesterday I went to see Titanic with Sara. She went to pick me up to my work, and after working we went to have lunch to a asiatic restaurant. Then, we went to the cinema, because our sesion started so early.
I have to say... OMG Titanic is... amazing. Just amazing. The man who was sitting next to Sara started to cry in the begining of the drama, and we were thinking... what? Maybe he just had a cold...

Then... in the part Jack Dawson put his hands with Rose's hands... in the boat, the most famous image, like flying... oh my god, our eyes were so wet... but we didn't want to cry...
but we started to cry in the part Jack was starting to freeze in the sea, saying her: you are not going to die, you will die being a nice grandma, so warm in your bed, but not today... not now. Oh. Or when Rose sees Jack dead, touching her hand, with love.

In summary, we finished crying, laughing and screaming in the end, like crazy girls. But all the cinema was like this, or almost all. It was so funny, when we left the room to go to wash our faces in the wc... it was full of girls crying!
If you never have seen Titanic like the silly of my boyfriend, that by the way we are going to see in may, even if you don't want...(I love you my little raccoon) you should see it.

For now... good night!

To Rome!

And we already have the trip to Rome!
My boyfriend gave me this surpirse as a present for our 1st anniversaire... so I had to choose Athens, Paris or Rome. Years ago I went to Athens, and I love it, but right now the situation in greece isn't amazing, and last year I went to Paris... so I choosed Rome. I asked for my vacations in my work and my boyfriend booked the tickets and for the hotel. So 22 June I'm going to go to Holland, he'll pick me up and after sleep there, we will go to Rome... I can't wait!


Y ya tenemos el viaje a Roma!
Mi novio me dio la sorpresa como regalo para nuestro 1r aniversario... así que yo tuve que elegir Atenas, París o Roma. Hace años viajé a Atenas, y me encantó, pero ahora mismo la situación no es increíble, y el año pasado viajé a París... así que elegí Roma. Pregunté por mis vacaciones en mi trabajo y luego cuando ya supe mis días, mi novio compró los tiquets y reservó el hotel. Así que el 22 de Junio voy a ir a Holanda, me vendrá a buscar y luego de dormir allí, nos iremos a Roma... no puedo esperar más!

Tiring day

Today I went all the morning to cycle with my mother. It was sooooo tiring! I uped almost all the hights of my town, I'm very surpirsed and proud of myself! She couldn't do this... whahah *ego*
And tomorrow... tomorrow I'm going to do an interesting thing with school... we're going to go to see a poet tomb... *sarcasm* why the hell had I to sign the paper? We're going to go to South France... but I really don't want to do it... I prefer stay at the city and do some shopping... UGH.

jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

Good morning!

My face of sleeping is very funny xD But yes, good morning people. Today Im not going to do classes, we'll go to an excursion of a latin teathre. Is better than do stupid class!

Good luck people!

Colorful Spring

 As you can see in the photo on top, it's spring! I love flowers, specially colorful flowers like all kind of pinks!

Como podéis ver en la foto de arriba de todo, es primavera! Me encantan las flores, especialmente las coloridas, como todos los tipos de rosa!

Old Style T-shirt

Well, my face it's not too beautiful there, but this is the t-shirt I made for myself! I got a very nice result! haha the second photo is funny, well, my face is funny! I remember when I was children I saw all the girls of 15, 16, 17 or more with this kind of t-shirts, in summer, specially. Also my mother had this kind of t-shirts when she was young, but now they come back!

Hoy no creo que haga muchas cosas, el tiempo no es para ir a salir y puede ser que adelante algo del PDR... aunque mi humor puede acompañar al mal tiempo que hace fuera.

Today I think I'm not going to do something, the weather isn't to go out and maybe I can do something of my PDR... my humor can go with the bad weather is doing out

martes, 10 de abril de 2012


No se cuál de las fotos escoger... la verdad es que una me gusta por el efecto Vintage y la otra por los colores del sol. ¿Podríais ayudarme?

I don't know which one select... the truth is that I like one for the Vintage effect, but I also like the other for the colors of the sun. ¿Can you help me?

Another lazy day

Hey guys! Today is another lazy day of my routine. Here goes some pictures of Holland, of Efteling and Keukenhof. Efteling was great and we enjoyed a lot, there was so many things to see! And Keukenhof is beautiful. We were a little bit sleep, specially Tom, but we had a good time, only with cold, but a good time.
Today I'll go shopping some groseries with my mother, specially a muffin dough to make cupcakes with an ingredients from Holland! Amaaaazing :) What's more.... I really don't want to do history, mortal!  For now... good luck!  xxx

lunes, 9 de abril de 2012

Good morning world!

And just woke up, having breakfast and almost ready to school! Good luck everyone!


    Just sitted and eating cookies!

    The sunset! Oh Holland!

These days were cold! We were more or less at 9ºC.. while in Barcelona today we were at 23ºC at 13 hours! and I don't want to go to school! That's a punishment! Wish me luck! xxx


If there's something I know for sure in this life, is that you're the love of my whole life I was searching for
You are perfect. I love you.