lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Today in bike! ;)

Hallo leute!

Today I went with the bike with my friend Tom, it was really nice.
He he came with his Dutch-style bike, very hight and without brakes on the handlebars, it has the brakes in the pedals. He told me that in Holland the more used transport is the bicycle, and he can read a book on his bike!
I'm very tired, but it was great ;)

Tomorrow I start school other time, wish me luck!

domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Yesterday II

Yesterday I went to Barcelona. I met with a friend, Tom. We walked for Barcelona and it was very very funny! We went to a Japanese (Yes, other time! hahaha) and we were laughing a lot!
Definitely, I LOOVE SUUSHI!


Hey Leute!

Yesterday was Sant Jordi.
Sant Jordi is a typical celebration of Catalunya, the legend says that in a village lived an evil dragon, who ate everything that stood in his way. When everyone lost their resources, the king proposed to vote: the person whose name appeared in the paper would be devoured by the ferocious dragon but the name chosen was the name of the princess of the kingdom, the king's daughter. When she was about to be swallowed up in the dragon's cave a handsome gentleman came to save her. Legend tells that the blood that fell of the dragon appeared a rose, and this gentleman, called Sant Jordi gave this rose to the princess.
Now, the girls have to give a book to the mans, and the mans have to give a rose to the girls.

martes, 19 de abril de 2011

Drawing =')

Nothing, when I feel sad, only thing that makes me laugh is drawing.

Love is beautiful, right?

Sushi Bar

 I really like Sushi! But I prefer Noodles. When we went on friday to a Sushi Bar of Barcelona I ate new food with new taste. Like California Rolls, but I don't like Wasabi sauce!

 I ate strange food, like this. Balls stuffed China Cabbage!

sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

In Barcelona with a girls!

Hey people!
I had a good time in Barcelona last week, in the photo I was with Valeria, Gala, Carol, Raquel, Claudi and a one that I don't know her name!

Have a good time!