lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011


Hoy he visto que tenía el tattoo un poco raro, pero mi madre (La experta en tattoos) me ha dicho que es normal, que está cicatrizando ''la herida'' así que no le he dado importancia al asunto :) Por otra parte me encantan mis nuevos tacones! Son muy cómodos. Ahora voy a acabar de pasar la noche de Halloween a mi manera y ale, hasta mañana people! :)
Susquiere. xxx

domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011


The best of the photo... my asleep face! I was looking photos and searching and I found it, I really didn't know about the existence of this photo! LOOOOOK my face, look my hair! xDI really love my hair of now e.e whahahahaha and nothing more, leute =)


I found this photo and I was winning my mother, you see, she only has 100 of money and I have all the fuckin' rest! JÁH! 

''Antique'' :)

viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Relaxing shower

Ich liebe mediterranian food!

MMM It was too delicious to don't take a photo!
I think mediterranian and chinese (or japanese) food is my favourite! :)
When I was in Paris with my school we only ate fast food and don't healthy food, and at first was also delicious but then... I really missed the food of the country I live!



¿Qué me decís? ¿Os gusta? :) 

martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

My manga salon adquisitions!

Hi everybody!
Today I was tidying my SMA (Salon Manga Adquisitions).
I've been going to the salon since I have 12 years old, I have to say I'm a fanatich of manga and anime.
All the years I went with cosplay but I think this year I will not wear any cosplay.
Annd all the years of course I have to buy manga manga mangaaaaaa <3 two years ago I bought a picture about L (Lawliet Ryuzaki) of Death Note and L Change the World. I bought a skelanimal bag, too.
Last year I went with a friend and we wanted to eat Ramen Oh My Fuckin' God! I think this year I will eat Ramenramenramen~
And see the shows of course!
This a little part of my books!
I have of Love Hina, Sakura, Slam Dunk, Yuyu Hakusho, Lamu (I lost), Sailor Moon, Yawara!, Karekano and Kimagure Orange Road, It will be our Secret (Será nuestro Secreto) and of course, INUUUUYAAASHAAAA!
This week starts the Manga Salon and I want to go!
Nothing more!


lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Come soon...

Próximamente, la historia más excitante de todos los tiempos. Prepárense para vivir una aventura única e inolvidable.
En sus mejores pantallas.

Soon, the most exciting history of all the times. Be ready for live an only adventure and unfogettable...
In your bests screens.



Come soon! xoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxox

It's raining!

Today I have a filosophy test, I don't know how it will be but I think better than Spanish yes :) 
I know for sure I won't pass the spanish test, this teacher is a bitch and in our school we didn't study the poesy and she doesn't want teach us or tell us about the subject and now we have to follow the class like a silly. Today is raining and I miss the summer. 
We'll see this afternoon!

domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

My burned cheek!

Poor of me :(
A friend said me I look beautiful with it xDDDD Thank you Albert :D

We love you Elvisa Yomastercard!

Elvisa Yomastercard is a person that makes tutorials on youtube about interesting things like: ''How have a friend'', ''How get nursery look'', ''How to ignore someone'', ''How to know at what house of Hogwarts we are'', ''How lose a train'' or ''how to recover dignity after having fallen''.
Elvisa, you are amazing! I have seen all your videos!

Here you have some videos about Elvisa:

How to know at what house of Hogwarts we are

How to recover dignity after having fallen

How to sing Tyrolean

How to make your teacher think you are taking

How to put moisture in the lips

And more!

It's too cold! Ready to go!

I made this photo without know my pose! UH, my balls! 

UPPPS Age wrinkles!

Hahaha, don't worry! I'm still too young ;D

miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011


Bueno, pues hoy he salido antes del colegio, por eso se me ha echo todo más corto y en clase de psicología todo se ha echo más corto; nos ha puesto la película ''La naranja Mecánica''
Yo creo que el profesor me ha creado un trauma psicológico de por vida ya del todo, sinceramente, y eso que todavía nos queda un montón por ver! Entre la música, los payasos o lo que sean Skin-heads, el ojo del que se llama Alex, la pornografía, la violencia... No, si cada vez flipo más xD
Cambiando de tema, normalmente llevo una racha de soñar en muertes... primero soñe a que uno de clase, el Justin Bieber 2 (Sí, son iguales) se moría atropellado delante del colegio y al día siguiente todos le hacíamos un minuto de silencio, reunidos en el patio... hoy he soñado a que me cargaba a Bill Kaulitz (El vocalista de Tokio Hotel)... o bien sueño con mi novio o bien sueño con muertes (Tom, cariño, creo que tus colonias me están causando cosas raras en mi subconsciente), en este caso no pienso dejar de dormir con ellas ni aunque se me aparezca la niña del exorcista en los sueños! Tus colonias son sagradas y es como si durmieras junto a mi! ¿Recuerdas?
Hoy me quedé sola a casa desde las 6 a las 9 o así... así que hice las exquisiteces que tenéis en la imagen.
Y nada más por hoy... ¡Ah! Creo que el examen de ciencias me ha ido bien... las he sabido responder a todas.  Y ahora estoy hablado con mi vida entera, es decir, mi novio.
Joder, lo hecho tantísimo de menos... venga, de aquí poco 43 días para volver a estar contigo cielo! Lo eres todo! (L)

Well, today the day was more short, in psychology classes we saw  the Clockrwork Orange.
I think my teacher created a psychological trauma for all my live, sincerely, and there is still a lot of film to see! The music, the Skinhead ''clowns'', the porn and the violence... (Yeees, we are watching a kind of porn in class ^^'')... every day is more crazy for me! xD
Changin' the subject, usually I'm dreaming about deaths... first I dreamed that one boy of my class (he looks the same as Justin Bieber, the same), died run over by a car in front of our high school and then all the school did a minute of silence for him... today I dreamed I killed Bill Kaulitz (The vocalist of Tokio Hotel) ... two options, or I dream about death, or about my boyfriend (Tom, my love, I think your parfum is creating me strange things in my subconscious), if it's true, I'll still sleeping with your parfum, it's the same if in my dreams appear the exorcist girl! Your smell is like you slept next to me! ¿Remember?
Today I was in my home alone to 6 till 9, more or less... so I made the delicacies of the photo 'cause I was really bored... And nothing more today.
Ah! I think the science exam was good, I could answer all the questions. And now I'm talking with my live, my boyfriend.
FUUUUUCK IIITT I REALLLLLLLYYYY MISSS YOOOOU! Come on... only 43 days to stay next to you again my love! You are everything! (L)


martes, 18 de octubre de 2011


Macarons is the most difficult food what I never made!
This photo was from June but I put now xD And they didn't look like Macarons, they look like... like... ok, it's better I'm not going to explain wahhahahaha


and I looveee yoouu speciallyy myy loveee Tom !

lunes, 17 de octubre de 2011

Actualiiizoooo rápido por la mañana! Hoy me espera un día de locos!

domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011

Nail art ;)

I need to say! I LOVE FLOWERS!
Is the same in summer, autumn, winter or spring!

I used a base from o·p·i nail lacquer, light pink from o·p·i, dark pink from KIKO and a green from KIKO, too, oh, and of course a gloss shine ;)
And now, I'm boring, very boring and missing a person!

Oh Btw! 2 December I go to holland ;) confirmed! :D I'm veeeery happy! I don't travel since 4 years ago and this time I travel to see the most perfect boy of the world!
Now yes, I go to make my dinner!

Good luck guys and girls!


sábado, 15 de octubre de 2011

naoidbsiubsibdo sceeisani! :)

Hey guys!
Today I was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaally bored so I started to play the guitar!
Well, I have to study sciences... ¡I HATEEE IT! oidoiwoiwfo
I don't understand anything, I'm in letters! ¿WHY FUCKIN' HAVE I TO DO SCIENCE?

About the song... xD I'm not John Lennon I am a person and I can do mistakes (A)
Now yes!



viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011

Cupcake team! :D

My little ''Stitch'' dog! He is Nuk and I love him with all my heart!
He loves cupcakes! ;) 

My friend Sara with the mix of the colors! 

jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

Without you I cannot

Yes, this is me making a photo in our tree!
Love you Thomas Speksnijder!

Aw and tomorrow classes again... it's impossible, it's a martyrdom...
English, Psichology, Universal Literature, Break time, Filosophy, Latin and P.Education.
I will die... And at 5:30 I'll go to the library with my friend Maria, we need to search some information about the american men in the moon, because the first man was rusian :)
I remember this for last year in history ;P

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

Simplemente, Gracias. (A GOLD AWARD WHO READS ALL! ;))

Well, Carlota is back!
These days I have been all the days with my sweet boyfriend! For this reason I couldn't upload more blogs! Now he is back to Holland and he is working, and I know he always passes here so I'll explain all these magic days.
I have been a ''guiri'' with him (guiri is a spanish expresion we use to call the tourists, usually tourists of the north) I'm from Spain so I'm not a guiri, but really he knows all the timetables, trains, buses, metros, stations... more than me!
Was our half-year anniversary, he made a surprise for me!
He said me at 6:40 he would pick me up from my house to go to a restaurant of my town (strange, because there aren't a lot of restaurants), (and yes, very early to dinner for a Spanish person), and I waited for him in my house very smart, with a black dress and heels, very worry because it was 8 o'clock and he still wasn't in home. then, he call the ring of my house and I said him hello with kisses (he was very handsome and he said me I was really beautiful), and while he was kissing me he gave me a beautiful rose. Then he said me the way for go to the restaurant (Strange, too, because for this way is any place, so, nothing!  While we were walking I saw one of my best friends with a camera and runing and I said him: Look! Is Sara!  and he said: Sara? Where? I didn't see anything! You must be dream! And then when we arrived to the end of the street... I saw a lot of friends and family waiting for us with cameras and then, more closer... ¡A LIMOUSINE!
I couldn't think anything, my mind was white and I was thinking (I WILL KILL YOU TOM, I WILL KILL YOU, I WILL EAT YOU WITH KISSES!) and he said: there we go! And me like: noooooooo?! promisse it! Then we went to the limousine to Barcelona and then... while he was huging me he said: this isn't all... and then, he gave me a little box, he opened slowly and...  A GOOOOLD RIIINGG WITH A BRIGHT! O.O I was like: O________O In the ring is our date:  7-5-2011. Then we went to a good restaurant of Barcelona, we saw the sea and we stayed in front of the sea and then we returned to our town with the limousine, to his house till 4 o'clock a.m ;) This is nothing, the next day we arrived at 6:00 am (Yes, and I'm 16 ;)).
And nothing more.
We love you people!

Bien, Carlota vuelve!
Estos días estuve todos los días con mi dulce novio! Por esta razón no pude subir más Blogs! Ahora él está en Holanda de nuevo y  está trabajando, y como se que siempre se pasa por aquí voy a explicar todos estos mágicos días. 
Estuve haciendo de guiri con él, bien, soy de España pero la guiri parecía yo ya que él se sabía los trenes, horarios, buses, estaciones más que yo, vergonzoso hahaha! Fue nuestro medio año aniversario! Él me dijo que me recogería a mi casa para ir a un restaurante elegante de mi pueblo (raro, porque no hay muchos restaurantes elegantes por aquí, y sí, muy pronto para cenar para un español), y espere por él muy elegante, con un vestido negro con unos tacones, muy preocupada por él porque eran las 8 y aún no aparecía. Picó por fin al timbre y me saludó con besos y abrazos (él estaba muy guapo y él me dijo impresionado que estaba preciosa) y mientras me besaba me dio una rosa preciosa. Luego me dijo el camino para ir al restaurante (raro, también, ya que ese era camino hacia ninguna parte). Mientras andábamos vi a lo lejos una de mis mejores amigas con una cámara y corriendo y pregunté: ¿¡Sara!? Mi novio lo negó y aseguró que estaba soñando haha! Y cuando llegamos al final de la calle... vi un montón de amigos y familia esperando por nosotros con cámaras y más cerca... ¡UNA LIMUSINA!
No pude pensar en nada, mi mente estaba en blanco y pensaba que iba a matar a Tom pero a la vez, a comérmelo a besos. Y dijo: Ahí vamos nosotros! Y yo: Noooooo?! ¡JURA!
Luego fuimos a Barcelona con la limusina y mientras me abrazaba me dijo: esto no es todo, y me dio una cajita, la abrió lentamente y encontré un anillo de oro con un brillante, ¡PRECIOSO!Ahí estaba nuestra fecha 7/5/2011. Luego la limusina nos dejó en el puerto de Barcelona, fuimos a cenar a un buen restaurante y luego estuvimos en frente del mar, la limusina nos recogió y nos llevó de vuelta, fuimos a casa de Tom y volvimos a mi casa a las 4 de la madrugada. ¡Y el día siguiente a las 6! Sí, tengo 16 años, lo sé, hahahaha

Os quiero gente.

Carlota Speksnijder Parga ;)