domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

15 Mayo 2012

 Yesterday I went to see Titanic with Sara. She went to pick me up to my work, and after working we went to have lunch to a asiatic restaurant. Then, we went to the cinema, because our sesion started so early.
I have to say... OMG Titanic is... amazing. Just amazing. The man who was sitting next to Sara started to cry in the begining of the drama, and we were thinking... what? Maybe he just had a cold...

Then... in the part Jack Dawson put his hands with Rose's hands... in the boat, the most famous image, like flying... oh my god, our eyes were so wet... but we didn't want to cry...
but we started to cry in the part Jack was starting to freeze in the sea, saying her: you are not going to die, you will die being a nice grandma, so warm in your bed, but not today... not now. Oh. Or when Rose sees Jack dead, touching her hand, with love.

In summary, we finished crying, laughing and screaming in the end, like crazy girls. But all the cinema was like this, or almost all. It was so funny, when we left the room to go to wash our faces in the wc... it was full of girls crying!
If you never have seen Titanic like the silly of my boyfriend, that by the way we are going to see in may, even if you don't want...(I love you my little raccoon) you should see it.

For now... good night!

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