domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Hey! What's up?

Tanááá (8) And this is what I am! Saturday I got my Hollister Co. Associate card! So I am very happy and full of energy! :D In this photos I wear also my uniform! The jeans are super skinny and I can see my heart tattoo because they aren't too long and I wear also flipflops!

Oh My Gosh! Isn't beautiful?

viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Second picture in desmotivators!

 We saw in desmotivators our pictures! First is of 2011 but the second one is from this year! Really, my friend and me... we are a great team! <3 So, I will make a picture of a facebook page!

domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012


12 Febrero 2012

My own T-Shirts & Photo Xperiment

And yes... I made this! hahhaa at first I was sooooo bored, so I asked to my mother: mom, ¿have you got any T-shirt that you don't use? and she gave me two. I started to make xperiments! I wanted to learn months ago how they can make this kind of T-shirt, with a shorts it looks so beautiful. So I started with my imagination and then... was perfect!!! Can you see?

Then, I took my camera and I started to make more experiments! Like this  :) It's strange, but in party scenes is so cool! And all this efect without photoshop! Just with my hands and my camera!

Sooo... I will practise more! ^^
And this is what I do when I'm bored hahahhaa


viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

And here I am again

Sara and me

 My blond time! hohoho, but it's true, I prefer my light brunette color! :)

Hey People! This photos are of Summer time! But now when I look at them is when I start to miss summer with more intensity. AAAAAAAnd I am soooo happy! I will work in Hollister! They called me days ago and I have to wait one week for start! And nothing more, today it's friday, this days I was sick so I couldn't upload another blog :)