viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

Brunette Barbie ;) (new Carlota)

Yes, this is my new look, my real hair color! Maybe is more dark than the photo but I also like e.e
Well, I have to put more photos because this photo is the first I took :)
And nothing more, I go to meet with friends! ;)

Tom, only 4 days and I'll can hugkissbitte you! :DD
I loooove yooou sooooo muuuch!


jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Look at my green eyes, what do you see?

Think tomorrow is Friday makes me feel happy :)
I don't need more school please, I want touch next summer, ¿Please? Where are you?
Today was really a boring day. At first we had PE Classes. Horrible. At 8 O'clock we practised for a text I don't remember how exactly is the name... we had to run in 12 minutes and if the girls did more than 10 laps we passed the exam, 10 laps= 5 of note. And this is very poor.  I did 11 laps, however, the boys had to do 22 laps for pass the exam, and in our class are only 8 boys of 31 persons, and only 3 passed.
Then we walked to our class and humanitie group did Universal Literature class, I like this time because the teacher is very nice and funny :) Then... catalan. We talked about poetry, it was a bit tiring, and then... we went to the street and then... latin, Spanish literature and History. Oh please, I hate history!!!!! At this time I wanted to kill myself... Insufferable, insupportable, unbearable... And I have to study 2 themes I hate... OH MY GOD! WHY! WHY! TELL ME WHY!
This afternoonI did nothing, just nothing :)

HOHOHO, in October I will have my new tattoo. In October almost November.


PD_ Again, sorry for my mistakes in english, I'm from Spain.

lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011


Hey guys/girls!

Today is really boring day. I started the high school at 8, finished at 13:30 for lunch and then I'll start at 3 till 5.
I prefer wenesday, I start at 8, and go gome at 12:30... and then, party party hahahahaha

Yes, the photo very old. Well, I took it in november 2010.

Ah! And like you are so friendly and good person, yes, my visitors, can you help me?
Yes, only you have to say me what is girl's dreams. Or Well, your dream.
Answer me in
Thank you xoxo

sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011

Second week.

Me in my new High-School.
The first week was okay, the people, the teachers and their confidence, the timetables, the subjects...
Now I don't have maths on my subjects, because I'm doing pure letters, ie humanities.
Like always at first I was very shy, but every day I'm less shy. Now I'm proud of come to a ''posh and elitist'' school, like the teachers of this school say, because our level is more high that the level of the people of my High School, specially in English and Latin. I'm happy, never again I'll see maths. Now, my science subjects I did on my school are changed by Universal Literature and Latin, and we'll learn Contemporary World History and Contemporary World Science.


Again, sorry for my posibles english mistakes, but I prefer write in english, so more people could understand me. :)


Who's laughing now

I saw this video in the blog of a girl I know, I liked and then I have this song on Spotify and I can't stop to sing. Btw, I love the face of the little girl (L)

Sometimes I would like do the same as the girl :D


miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

Our faces is the best of the photo xDD

Mother of God... Look at us... Poor of us...

I can't stop laughing with Sara's face xD No, with her eyebrow xDD And my face? xD

I'm not going to tell comments, better...

domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011

Be strong.

Well,I just wanted to offer condolences to all friends, known people and relatives of the victims of the 11 S. I really feel what is lose someone close and loved and is the worst thing that can happend at you. I have seen a lot of videos, images and recordings of this and is terrible, I can't imagine how terrible was for the people of USA.
Be strong.

Bueno, Solamente quería dar el pésame a todos los amigos, conocidos y familiares de las víctimas del 11 S. Realmente se lo que es perder a alguien apreciado y muy cercano y es lo peor que a uno le puede suceder.
He visto muchos videos, imagenes y grabaciones acerca de esto y es terrible, no puedo imaginar lo terrible que debió ser para la gente de los Estados Unidos de América.
Sed fuertes.

Follow me on Twitter!

                         Hey guys!
                         I made a twitter, please if u want or if u like, follow me ;)

If you follow, I follow! :)
Thankx everyone!

sábado, 10 de septiembre de 2011

Smile, look at the camera and say: cheeeeeeese!

     Yeah, today I was very but very bored! OW By the way, welcome again Nora!
    She was born in Morocco but she lives here at the moment, and finally she is again here! Finally we will            laugh again in the High School. See you Monday.

Monday... stupid monday. Classes again.

And nothing more, people.

Good luck!

viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

Just keep the smile.

Mee, Sara & Diuk. Diuk is friend of my dog Nuk, my dog is more little and more fat, Nuk is like a ball :D
Yeah, and the girl with strange smile... meee! Poor Sara, I don't let see her mouth LOL
And I think Diuk is thinking: oh, why, why me, I only wanted to be one dog more on this bad society and look... I'm looking a camera in the arms of my annoying sister and her stupid friend. Ow. WHYYY MEEEEEEE WHAAAAT THEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL!


Free time

Yes, we had the same T-Shirt in the photo ''Barbie is a bitch''.
Cool, eh?

jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011


We wanted to do ''professional'' photoshoot but finally we had this results. I'm satisfed because we had a great time together, laughing without stop and taking funny pictures.

Yes, I'm not blond in this photo. I'm the second girl who wears black T-Shirt.This is because my hair of differents colors.
I like this photo.

viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011

Fiesta, la noche será nuestra ven conmigo a bailar OUOOHOHOOH (8)

Oke, I hate this photo but my friends Gustav or Albert (what do you like more) said me: oh no! yes you've to put this photo! So for you, only for you my friend xD

                     I forgot to put this photo, too. Is from July and this is me with my dear friend Tara.

Other time, don't look the first photo, PLEAAASE!
Btw, the first photo is from the birthday party of my best friend of my childhood, Sara :)