miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012


I can't wait to put this shoes for first time! I really wanted this Lita Shoes since a lot of time ago, so I had to wait to get some money and then... enjoy baby! At first my mother didn't like this kind of shoes, she said me they look a Lady Gaga's shoes or something like this, but then she saw me with them and her opinion was totally changed, and of course it was so difficult to convince her... but she promised me I could get them and she would help me, so... gorgeous! haha I also bought some cool nail lacquer and a bikini from Hollister Co. place where I'm working and I'm so happy with them :) of course this shoes are soooo confort, even to go in your diary days.
Nothing more special for today! 

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  1. Hi Carlota!

    I just love your beautiful shoes.
    I bet the shoes do feel good on your feet.
    I need to buy a bikini to.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Lots of love.xoxo

  2. Me encantan carlota!!! Son muy caras??? <333

    1. Son Jeffrey Campbell... sólo por eso baratas no son jaja

  3. Awww this shoes are gorgeous ! I really love them. Kiss x


  4. i saw lindsay lohan wearing them in a magazine at coachella this year :) gorgeous shoes, not exactly festival footwear though

  5. Yo me acabo de comprar las Spike. Estoy enamoradita de ellas <3
    Esas también son preciosas :)


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