jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Flying free

                              With my best friend Alexander, he is a bit bighead but it's good!

                                                             With Carlos, a funny friend.

                                                 Sergi, one of my bests friends.

Ayer fue la fiesta de graduación, ya que en nuestro colegio no han querido hacerla, como cada año, la hemos montado nosotros mismos y fue genial. Ya colgaré más fotos sobre la fiesta.

Nada más por hoy.

miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

En pleno nerviosismo!

Ayer fui a una agencia de modelos, para centrarme más a fondo en este mundillo de la moda.
La agencia es bastante seria, por lo que me hicieron hacer unas fotos primero de todo, enseñando manos, perfiles, cuerpo entero y cara. Estuvo bastante bien.
Me dijeron que llamara a los 15 días para saber si estaba seleccionada o no.

TShirt: ZARA
Jeans: Stradivarius
Glasses: In a Shop from Paris (There is ''Charlotte'', mi name in French).

Pero mi gran sorpresa fue que al llegar a casa, abro el e-mail y me encuentro un correo de otra agencia a la que fui, que querían representarme!
Según tengo entendido, esta agencia también es una agencia seria y los modelos que están allí estan bastante satisfechos.
Mañana van a hacerme las Polaroid y la ficha, voy a tener que ir en bikini y tacones!

Wish me luck!

lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

27 June'2008

Tom Kaulitz in  live every second!

Gustav and Tom with their effort face!

Bill in live every second :) Great moment

I love this picture, so perfect!


                                                                 OH! We love you Georg!

I think in this moment I was really... in trance?

And why I put this photos today at my blog? Because 3 years ago I was in the best concert of my life, 27-6-2008.
I remember very well the time I saw my idol for first time in direct! It was... ARGH, there aren't any words for describe.
I went with my friend Sara, I was 13 and she was 12. I went with a friend (Eva) but I don't see now her. Sara and I met a friend, (Jenifer), she was blond and she sat next to us because her friends didn't appear.  
The best moment of the concert was when we started to hear the guitar of Tom Kaulitz (My friend Sara was crazy about him) but the curtain didn't fall yet. When the drums started the curtain falled and I saw Bill Kaulitz, my idol, in front of me. This feeling was one of the best feelings of my life.
They started with Break Away, really, I love this song.
At the moment when the concert was finished I was very very sad, I cryied with the last song, By Your Side. The next day we went to their hotel at 9 o'clock morning (In 2010 I went at 5:30 but I was more young in 2008) with Sara and we met a lot of friends. The boys didn't left the hotel and we were very hysteric, singing all the time: ''Tokis, unidas, jamás serán vencidas!''. ''Tokis, all together, never will be overcome!''. It started to be very warm and we thought the boys weren't in this hotel, and it was true (VERY GOOD GIRLS, VERY GOOD...), and I went to eat at Sara's home.

I think this day is one of the bests days of my life.

Because I cryied, Screamed, Smiled, Trembled, Imagined, Followed, I did the Impossible, ran, jumped, Sweated & More  Inolvidable things.

Danke, Tokio Hotel. Ich liebe euch.
Gracias, Tokio Hotel. Os amo.
Gràcies, Tokio Hotel. Os estimo.
Thank you, Tokio Hotel. I love you.
Merci, Tokio Hotel. Je t'aime.
Bedankt, Tokio Hotel. Ik hou van jou.


viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

Now It's time to enjoy the sun

Now it's time to sunbathe. This summer will be different, special, I don't know why or maybe yes.
Tomorrow my boyfriend leaves Spain to go with his family and his life in Holland, I'm sad and It's difficult to think but I'm happy too, because he'll see again his brothers and his friends :) The work said him we give other place to work for him and maybe he'll return when he finishes his studies but he'll be there more times.
And now it's time for relax, for think, for enjoy the sun, for enjoy the life.

sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

Buenos días por la mañana!

So much love

Yesterday in Carpas del Cim.
Before I went with my friends to my school to celebrate the end of the classes, finally. And after, with some friends I went to Carpas. Was very funny, one friend, Regina, is 15 years old and you only can pass to carpas if you're 16 or more, but she is 16 the next month, and the security man stared at her very strange, and she was very nervous! Finally, she passed.
And then Tom arrived.

domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Great night (:

¡Qué bonito fue!
Te amo, ¿Lo sabes?
Quizás leas la mente, o quizás no, pero acertaste mis pensamientos.