jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

Old Style T-shirt

Well, my face it's not too beautiful there, but this is the t-shirt I made for myself! I got a very nice result! haha the second photo is funny, well, my face is funny! I remember when I was children I saw all the girls of 15, 16, 17 or more with this kind of t-shirts, in summer, specially. Also my mother had this kind of t-shirts when she was young, but now they come back!

Hoy no creo que haga muchas cosas, el tiempo no es para ir a salir y puede ser que adelante algo del PDR... aunque mi humor puede acompañar al mal tiempo que hace fuera.

Today I think I'm not going to do something, the weather isn't to go out and maybe I can do something of my PDR... my humor can go with the bad weather is doing out

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  1. hey there thanks for your lovely comment on our blog! your hair is goooorgeoussss! would love it if you would follow us back :)

    kaela xxx


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