miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

Oh my Gosh!

Today I thought I finished my exams... but NO. In my end mark of history I took a 5, and I was happy because I thought maybe it would be less... but the teacher started to say me: ''You have a 7 in your first term, a 5 in your second and a 5 in your third... you can take more mark!'' and me: Yes but is the f*cking cold war, wars are difficult for me blah blah... so, she pressed too much and now I need to study more for tomorrow.. ¡ONLY ONE DAY TO STUDY THE THEMES! TT 

So, people who see my blog and read it, dear people, wish me luck for tomorrow, because maybe if you all wish me luck, I will pass the fucking exam. 


3 comentarios:

  1. WOW! Awesome picture. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Good Luck on your exam!!!!!!!
    Love, Joann

  2. Just found your blog! You're lovely! Hope your exams went well! <3

  3. you have SO beautiful eyes!! gorgeous... following your blog now x


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