martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

My manga salon adquisitions!

Hi everybody!
Today I was tidying my SMA (Salon Manga Adquisitions).
I've been going to the salon since I have 12 years old, I have to say I'm a fanatich of manga and anime.
All the years I went with cosplay but I think this year I will not wear any cosplay.
Annd all the years of course I have to buy manga manga mangaaaaaa <3 two years ago I bought a picture about L (Lawliet Ryuzaki) of Death Note and L Change the World. I bought a skelanimal bag, too.
Last year I went with a friend and we wanted to eat Ramen Oh My Fuckin' God! I think this year I will eat Ramenramenramen~
And see the shows of course!
This a little part of my books!
I have of Love Hina, Sakura, Slam Dunk, Yuyu Hakusho, Lamu (I lost), Sailor Moon, Yawara!, Karekano and Kimagure Orange Road, It will be our Secret (Será nuestro Secreto) and of course, INUUUUYAAASHAAAA!
This week starts the Manga Salon and I want to go!
Nothing more!


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