sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011

Second week.

Me in my new High-School.
The first week was okay, the people, the teachers and their confidence, the timetables, the subjects...
Now I don't have maths on my subjects, because I'm doing pure letters, ie humanities.
Like always at first I was very shy, but every day I'm less shy. Now I'm proud of come to a ''posh and elitist'' school, like the teachers of this school say, because our level is more high that the level of the people of my High School, specially in English and Latin. I'm happy, never again I'll see maths. Now, my science subjects I did on my school are changed by Universal Literature and Latin, and we'll learn Contemporary World History and Contemporary World Science.


Again, sorry for my posibles english mistakes, but I prefer write in english, so more people could understand me. :)


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