jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Look at my green eyes, what do you see?

Think tomorrow is Friday makes me feel happy :)
I don't need more school please, I want touch next summer, ¿Please? Where are you?
Today was really a boring day. At first we had PE Classes. Horrible. At 8 O'clock we practised for a text I don't remember how exactly is the name... we had to run in 12 minutes and if the girls did more than 10 laps we passed the exam, 10 laps= 5 of note. And this is very poor.  I did 11 laps, however, the boys had to do 22 laps for pass the exam, and in our class are only 8 boys of 31 persons, and only 3 passed.
Then we walked to our class and humanitie group did Universal Literature class, I like this time because the teacher is very nice and funny :) Then... catalan. We talked about poetry, it was a bit tiring, and then... we went to the street and then... latin, Spanish literature and History. Oh please, I hate history!!!!! At this time I wanted to kill myself... Insufferable, insupportable, unbearable... And I have to study 2 themes I hate... OH MY GOD! WHY! WHY! TELL ME WHY!
This afternoonI did nothing, just nothing :)

HOHOHO, in October I will have my new tattoo. In October almost November.


PD_ Again, sorry for my mistakes in english, I'm from Spain.

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