sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

Tiring day!

At first I sunbathed in home. I love my garden! hahaha I missed a lot the sun :) Yesterday a manager asked me if I could be saturday at a different hour, so I said yes. I was so tired when I arrived at home. Saturdays are terrible! There are a lot of people in Hollister! Why foreigner people is more nice with you?
Well, I like working there! Some people is really nice.
And tomorrow will be a relax day, free of exams, free of work, free of everything. I will relax painting, sunbathing (like today) or even talking on Facebook or updating more blogs :) So, happy weekend everyone! 


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  1. Mi niña guapaaa <3
    Enjoy your day and we need to wait 12 days till we can hold each other again <3
    I love you <3 <3 <3


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