domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

A little big history ♥

When I stop to think all the feelings I feel for you, when I stop to think all the moments we still have to live... Today is 11, 11th March 2012. And really, are you telling me I still have to wait 19 days? Well, let's say 18, it's 23:00 pm. I was too busy to update, but I really missed you, and for this reason I want to talk about us.

Really Am I almost going to be 1 year with the most perfect person of the universe?
First of all, my friend told me about one foreigner boy who played with him and more guys in basketball, but at first, for me was the same, well, I thought that my friend lied me, because he said me he was german and his name was Tom (Exactly like one of my idols of the moment), I didn't care. But one afternoon, leaving school, after PE classes, my friend Ander said me something like: ''Can you wait one moment, please?'', like I had a lot of time and we always walked together to go home (Because we are almost neighbours) I said: yes, I will wait. So while I was waiting, far I saw Ander comming with a boy, a different boy, you could see that he wasn't spanish, for skin and hair color, he worn sun glasses. Then, I saw myself, fugly, so fucking ugly to do sport! So I decided start running and disappear! Next day, in the afternoon, while I was doing english homework, Ander called. I asked the telephone and someone said me: Hello? It wasn't Ander's voice, it was like less rude and more soft. I thought was Tom.
''He-hello!''- I said, he said me Ander told him I wanted to meet Tom, and it really was Ander who was saying all time: You have to meet him! You'll like! you'll like!. First of all, I couldn't understand anything that he told, I only said: Yes, yes and smile without any reason (yes, sad but true jaja) Then he said me we could meet thursday, also with my friend Ander, so I said yes, sure!
Then, thursday arrived. I was waiting at first for a long time, they weren't in time ¬¬'' of course, boys. But then they rang and then I went to say hello. I have to say: The first time I saw Tom, wow, was so great. He was... oh my god. I was thinking I never could 'have' him, because for me he was so handsome and older than me (Also taller, very taller) and I thought he would think: look, she is ugly, short and a baby. We went to a park, and when I looked his blue eyes... wow, I can't explain this feeling. He gaves me peace. SO, we were talking (well, Ander and he) because I was so shy. It was so difficult to understand english, and then we walked and we went to my home, again. It was a 15' April 2011, when we first met.
Passing the days, we met to bowling, to dinner in Tom's house, to my home... and one day, Ander came to me and said: Carlota, this is serious. It's 29 and Tom still didn't kiss you. And me: Huh? He: And it's my blame. And I was like: What are you saying? And he said: Now, I'm not going to meet with both of you anymore. I'm sorry. And then, always we wanted to meet, Ander said: Uh, I can't, I'm sorry. And one day, in St. Jordi (One typical tradition of Catalonia). This tradition is like Valentine's day, only that boys have to give a rose to girls and girls a book to boys. When we met, Tom gave me a rose, with Hello Kitty theme, hahaha. I was like, sooooooooooooooooooooo happy. But at the same time, in myself, I wondered: He likes me? He gave me a rose.... :$ Then we went to a japanese, and he couldn't stop to stare at me, dreaming at the same time. I was also like this, but more shy. It was... I will remember this date the rest of my life, because it was our first date alone. One day, 7 May, I went with him to my hairdresser, because he needed to cut his hair a bit. Days before Ander was saying me strange things like: The moment will come, you have to be ready... or... kiss tom, you have to kiss tom... or... be ready, be ready! but I didn't care, he's just a strange flirt boy hahahaha We went to lunch at my home, pasta. I remember, pasta. And then we went to play wii. In a important bowling match (By the way, I was winning for first time in Wii Sports), the TV broke. Yes, without any reason. Because yes. Just broke. We tryied to fix, but was impossible, and also strange. He said something like: Well, I'm going to sleep. And he sat on my side and putted his head in my shoulder. In myself, I was thinking: Oh My God. He's putting his head on my shoulder! I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming (Because I was so in love with him). And then, I also decided to sleep: Yes, me too. And I also slept. But I don't know how, we finished layed, he was sit but I was lying in his chest, hearing his heart. He started to touch my arm, very softly. I also don't know how, I was so relaxed, how never, and I started to say: I want to stop the time. In myself I thought: Silly, you are completly silly. He's conforting you as a friend, just for relax and for pass the afternoon and you are saying you want to stop the time. Oh my god Carlota, you can't say you want stop the time. But then he answered: me too. It was may, and I started to be cold. But I think it wasn't cold, I was trembling because I was so nervous. Then, the moment came, he said me: Can I ask you a question? And me: Yes. 
-Can I kiss you?
This moment, this sentence, I will remember all the days of my life. My heart was so fast. I moved my head saying yes, because I was too shy to say ''yes''. Then, he looked at me, puted his hand of my neck and slowly, he was more closer, and more, and more.
If someone ask me: what is the greatest feeling you ever felt? I would answer: kissing for first time the love of my life: Thomas Dirk Gerrit Speksnijder.

I love you xxx

All my life I thought love in distance is impossible. It's not.
Almost one year with the most perfect boy of this world. Sweet, kind, gentleman, handsome, romantic, attentive, delicate with me, someone who treat you like a princes... what I want more?
You showed me trust is everything. Thanks, just thanks. You just taught me what means love.


Always yours. 

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  1. I love reading our history again (L) I always read this in my dutch blog (A) and I will never forget the moment that I asked to kiss you <3
    You are the most amazing, sweet, kind, beautifull, smart, funny(gggg), lovely girl in the WORLD!!!
    You are the one who makes me do things like I do <3
    You are my future wife and mother of our children (A)
    I love you Carlota Speksnijder <3 Never forget <3

    Always yours.


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