domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

My own T-Shirts & Photo Xperiment

And yes... I made this! hahhaa at first I was sooooo bored, so I asked to my mother: mom, ¿have you got any T-shirt that you don't use? and she gave me two. I started to make xperiments! I wanted to learn months ago how they can make this kind of T-shirt, with a shorts it looks so beautiful. So I started with my imagination and then... was perfect!!! Can you see?

Then, I took my camera and I started to make more experiments! Like this  :) It's strange, but in party scenes is so cool! And all this efect without photoshop! Just with my hands and my camera!

Sooo... I will practise more! ^^
And this is what I do when I'm bored hahahhaa


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