sábado, 21 de enero de 2012

So cuties!

We are soooooo beautiful! At first, the man explained us some instructions and he started to make up us a half of our faces and then we had to make up the other half. He explained so good it and for this, we are right now like a princess! Then we got some MAC cosmetics! We are so happy! And now we are going to go to dinner the same that we ate last week :D Yeah baby.

Ah, Tom...
Do you know I love you, right? I miss you and I want to talk with you 


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  1. You both look beautiful ;)
    I love you Carlota ♥ I can't wait to Skype and hear your voice again ♥ xxx

  2. hello, thanks for ur lovely comment. Follow u now :)
    Gorgeous pics :))

  3. You are so beautiful! I really like Your blog too! <3


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