sábado, 14 de enero de 2012


Great afternoon with you, my love! ♥ 
At first, we went to the station of the town and a black man who didn't know spanish asked us for the times, and we were laughing a lot because his english was so funny! it was good, but the pronunciation was really really funny. We hope you returned well :D Then we arrived to the center of the city and we went to spend money to MAC Cosmetics. In total? More than 100 :) But it was for my birthday present and last saturday we'll go to do some classes in MAC. Then we went to read some design books to Fnac and then again in the train we saw a friend, Claudia. Then we arrived and I dinned with Sara, in her home, and she practised make up with me :) This photo is of some minutes ago! :)  


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  1. Like every time I go out with you, veeeeeery funny♥ I don't know how was our faces when we listened to the black men talking but... I prefer don't know it! And oh my god, the cute dogs? I wanted to hugh them ñññññ♥
    So get ready lady, the Saturday 21st we'll be fabulous! ;D
    Love ya♥


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