lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011


Hey! In the first photo I was with my sinterklaas, my mother and my boyfriend. I didn't know what Sinterklaas was asking me and I only was saying: ''Ja'' ''Ja'' ''Ja'', I think Tom is saying something in the photo, and I have another photo of Tom laughing with naughty face LOL, I wondered while I was watching the photo: ¿Why is Tom laughing like this? I don't want to know hahahaha
In the second photo I am with Tom and his cousin, Claire. She is very nice and beautiful!

Aish and I want to come back to Holland! I really liked and enjoyed it a lot! but first my mooi boy has to come to Spain again, this time in January, so this time he's going to stay in my home :$ whahhaa I am very happy, this is a good thing! 
Have a nice day guys! 

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