jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

8 Diciembre 2011

In the first photo (this) I'm with Sara eating Noodles&Sushi. At first she didn't want to taste the sushi a lot because she doesn't like so much fish, and less without cook, then she tasted but at finally I was the person who ate more sushi e.e less california rolls (I don't like algaes) and mother of god, this is not the noodles I love with all my heart (Udon Noodles) but this noodles are so great!

And now, I was flying to follow my dream! TOOOOOOOOOOOOOM I love you sooo much xxx

 And this is our plane with lights off! UH So scary! aahhahaha

And here we were arriving to Holland, I was almost crying! I was living all this things with a LOT of emotion and illusion (I know), and I loved it!

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