lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011


Yesterday I went to Skating! I didn't know how and my mother taught me, but at first I was too scared and I couldn't stop to touch the wall. Then when more or less I knew for the middle of the stadium, we felt in the floor two times, but at final, I felt and I had a lot of pain in my knee but I was really proud because I could go without my mother helping me in the middle of the stadium.

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  1. wow :o you were practising for Holland ehh :D
    I hope we have ice here then we can skate here ;)
    Love youu <3 <3 (>")> <("<)

  2. Muy bien muy bien practicando! Pero tienes que ir antes de que pasen la maquina, que asi es mas real hahahha
    Por cierto mujéh, ya esta todo okey en el nuevo blog, asi que el otro no sirve :3 (Sigueme, anda... hahah)

    Fins 2morro!♥


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