domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011


Yesterday I went to buy a present for my mother (is the mother's day) with Tom. We walked for hours and we went to drink something.
At the afternoon I went to Tom's house, to dinner.
In teory my friend Alexander had to come with us but he was in Castelldefels with his girlfriend but Tom came to my house and we walked to his flat, we played the wii and we started to dinner.
He cooked Nasi and a typical food from Holland, (meat on a stick with peanut cream), delicious, he cook very well.
Then we played the wii again and we laughed a lot.
Alexander came about 12 o'clock and he dined. Then he fell asleep, Tom and I laughed again, it was very funny.
Tom and I played to 02: 58 and Alexander's mom phoned very worried, Alexander was asleep and he answered the phone with a drink voice, her mother started to be angry and when we returned to our houses with Tom but Alexander's mother came with the car very worried, she thought we were drink! It was very funny, yes.
Today Tom come to my house to have lunch.
Have a good day!

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  1. muy mona en las fotos :)
    un día movidito eh! jaja


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